Installing a putting green in your backyard is a great way to enhance your property and improve your golf game from the comfort of your home. With over 28 years in the synthetic turf business, we understand the important things to know when installing a putting green in your yard.

Overall Design and Location

The first step in installing an artificial green is to design your space carefully. Many homeowners place their greens on the side of the house or in the back corner of their yard. While these locations might seem convenient, they can result in the green ending up underused and unseen. To get the most out of your putting green, consider placing it in a more central, visible location.

Shape and Layout

Once you’ve chosen the location, plan out your desired shape. Remember that less is more when designing your green. Aim for balanced curves, and take inspiration from natural golf greens scaled down to fit your space. A well-thought-out design looks more appealing and provides a better playing experience.

Professional Installation vs. DIY

While DIY projects can be tempting, artificial golf greens are among the toughest types of synthetic turf installations. For optimal results, we recommend working with a professional installation company like Synthetic Turf NW. Professionals build an optimal base using the proper base rocks and ensure the green has the right sloping for realistic contours. They also have the expertise to properly set the cups so that they don’t rise over time and can recommend the best synthetic grass products for appearance and performance.

Base Construction

A crucial part of a successful artificial golf green is the base construction. The base should consist of high-quality base rocks and undergo proper compaction to create a stable foundation. This ensures that the green remains level and durable over time. Drainage is also a must to prevent water pooling and damage.

Sloping and Contouring

The best artificial grass putting greens replicate the natural contours of a real golf course. Professionals know how to create fun, realistic sloping that enhances your practice experience. The right contours can make your putting green not just a practice tool but also a source of entertainment.

Cup Setting

Properly setting the cups is another critical aspect of installation. Incorrectly set cups can rise or shift over time, affecting the quality of your putting surface. Professionals use specific techniques and materials to ensure cups remain in place and at the correct height.

Selecting the Right Synthetic Grass

Not all synthetic grass is equal, especially when it comes to golf greens. Choose products with the right coloring and performance characteristics to ensure your green looks good and performs well. The synthetic turf should provide a smooth roll and feel similar to natural grass. Not sure how to choose? That’s what the experts are here for!

Avoiding DIY Pitfalls

The internet is full of DIY videos that make the installation of artificial golf greens look easy. However, these videos often oversimplify the process and can lead to disappointing results. Professional installation ensures your green lasts and performs to the highest standards.

Now that you understand what to know when installing a putting green in your yard, you can move forward confidently with your project. If you’re ready to transform your backyard, contact the experts at Synthetic Turf NW for a professional installation that meets all your needs.