Advantages of Synthetic Turf

As your local expert for so many years, we have loved seeing the many ways our Washington State customers have benefited from the installation of artificial lawns and grass. Here are just a few of the advantages you may experience when choosing synthetic turf for your home or business:

  Significant savings in watering costs.

  Best of all, there is no more mowing!

 No fertilizer, and no pesticides - an excellent choice for waterfront properties and other environmentally sensitive areas.

  Our artificial grass turf lawns are extremely pet-friendly and anti-microbial.

  There is a wide variety for use for artificial lawn products. Pets, children, sports of all kinds such as croquet, soccer, backyard volleyball, badminton, Lacrosse, Bocce ball, play areas, and year-round enjoyable lawns - something for everyone.

  Our pet turfs are: non- absorbent, made of anti-microbial fibers that do not attract ants, fleas, or ticks. Their fibers resist staining and eliminate brown spots commonly associated with lawns of dog owners. Also, our product features permeable backing allowing for proper drainage.




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