18 Feb 2020
Why Synthetic Turf Is Better Than Real Grass

Why Synthetic Turf Is Better Than Real Grass

Various home trends are on the rise today. Many of these are decorative in the interior and exterior of the home, but some of these are in places least expected. Specifically, synthetic turf is an up-and-coming trend to increase curb appeal for many residences and commercial buildings. Still, this might raise the question of how it compares to natural grass. Any homeowner must know why synthetic turf is better than real grass, especially if they live in dry areas and overspend on chemicals and professional care just for regular upkeep for their yard.READ MORE

07 Feb 2020
The Different Types of Artificial Grass for Your Yard

The Different Types of Artificial Grass for Your Yard

Artificial grass is changing how homeowners in sunny and hot areas can maintain a beautiful green yard without overspending on fertilizers, professional services, and constant upkeep. With artificial grass, homeowners avoid all those tasks and still have a beautiful, green lawn for their children and pets to play on. However, not every type of artificial grass is the same. It’s important to know the different types of artificial grass for your yard before installing the wrong one for your home.READ MORE

22 Jan 2020
Why Dog Parks Should Switch to Synthetic Grass

Why Dog Parks Should Switch to Synthetic Grass

Many municipality workers are seeing the benefits of using artificial grass for their parks rather than natural terrain. In particular, there are many reasons why dog parks should switch to synthetic grass in order to benefit both the dogs and the owners. This includes fewer insects, less dirt, and easier maintenance than traditional parks.

No Bugs

One of the main downsides to natural dog parks is that fleas and other bugs can hide in the grass. However, the mesh backing of synthetic grass covers the dirt, which prohibits bugs from entering. Also, since bugs can’t eat the artificial grass, they’ll have to travel elsewhere to find other food sources. Owners and dogs will feel comfortable and secure knowing they have a significantly smaller chance of bringing ticks or fleas into their homes.

Less Germs

Importantly, artificial grass blades are germ-resistant. This is crucial for keeping dogs and humans healthy and happy. Manufacturers treat the blades with an antibacterial coating, which prohibits germs from breeding. Not to mention, the silica sand fill retains waste in a single spot, stopping germs from spreading.

Easy Maintenance

Park workers and owners will notice that cleaning up a park with synthetic turf is significantly easier. Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing or treating, greatly reducing maintenance. Debris may still affect the area, but it’s easy to clean. Additionally, trash and waste are easy to spot, and waste disposal is easier to implement. For urine or other liquid waste, spraying the area with a water-cleanser solution will make the area good as new.

It Feels Natural

The most important aspect of artificial turf is that the dogs simply like it. The nylon and polyurethane blades look and feel like natural grass to dogs and humans, and its texture resembles the natural terrain found in backyards. With the natural feel and look, dogs can run, jump, and roll around without tracking mud or insects.

Check out our selection of pet-friendly turf, which dogs and dog-owners alike will love. We offer a complete pet installation system with specialty draining to ensure the infills are safe and sanitary. Our blade fibers resist staining and never develop brown spots. Our turf never attracts ants, fleas, ticks, or other unwanted insects. No matter what, pets and owners will love it.

20 Jan 2020
The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Artificial turf is a recent trend among households. While notable for athletic fields, artificial lawns are becoming a best-seller for homeowners. These lawns are made from synthetic fibers in place of natural grass. This might put off some people, but there are numerous benefits of using artificial grass for your lawn over a traditional yard. Consider making the switch, since some of these may surprise you.READ MORE

10 Mar 2018

Consider These Points When Choosing The Right Artificial Grass

Making your home beautiful is one of the most important roles of a homeowner. The decision to make it your home and put your own mark on it is actually one of the reasons people consider becoming a homeowner. But being a homeowner also comes with extra responsibilities that can easily eat away at your time and money.


08 Mar 2018

What You Never Knew About Synthetic Grass

Running a home can be a tedious job. The time and cost it takes to maintain it can sometimes be overwhelming. Unlike apartment dwellers where the bulk of their maintenance work is internal, homeowners with an outdoor lawn also have to worry about keeping the exterior looking the best it can. This means regular lawn mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, and cleaning.


03 Mar 2018

Practical Reasons To Opt For Artificial Grass

Whether you have a business property or you’re a homeowner, looks can make a huge difference in how people can actually view you. What do you want people to think when they come to your place? Most people spend a great deal of time working on making the interior look just right and have little time left over for the exterior.


27 Feb 2018

Artificial Grass Has Improved For The Better

When it comes to creating a beautiful landscaped scene, it is hard to believe how far artificial turf has come. In the past, it was made of this harsh, prickly plastic that was not soothing to your bare feet. It looked plastic, it felt plastic, and it appeared to be completely out of place.


25 Feb 2018

Points to Consider Before Installing Synthetic Grass

People today are busier than ever before. They don’t have the time to dedicate to maintaining a beautiful yard and home like their parents and their parents before them. This is why so many are choosing to switch to using synthetic grass on their lawns. By doing so, they get to have the natural beauty that comes with the lush greenery of a lawn without all the excess work.