Does artificial grass look like real grass?

Absolutely! With improvements made in recent years, many cannot tell them apart. This is ONLY true when properly installed. Please don’t take our word for it, have a look; we’ll tell you how.

Does Synthetic Turf Northwest use 'crumb rubber,' also called granulated rubber, known as ground up tires for infill?

No. Never. Not once in our 19 years.

How many projects has Synthetic Turf Northwest installed in its 19 years of operation?

We have no idea, we don’t have time to continuously count them. We do stress quality over quantity and we do not rush through projects, or cut corners.

Do you provide consulting services for those that would like to act as their own General Contractor?

Yes, call or email for pricing.

Is your synthetic turf anti-microbial?


Are your prices competitive?

Yes. The quality we provide is an incredible value for our customers. See our testimonials for more about value.

What goes under the artificial turf, is it dirt, sand, concrete, or gravel?

We generally use a specialty crushed rock, although this is situational and your project’s location, your property’s topography, drainage conditions, and other factors will be considered by a professional installer prior to making a determination.

I've just started calling around about artificial grass lawns, and I'm hearing confusing and conflicting details. How do I make sense of this?

We cannot all be experts in everything. While information is always good to have, sometimes too much is simply confusing, perhaps even purposefully so. This is a red flag. Find a pro that will answer your questions honestly, and someone you can trust. Perhaps an installer with over 19 years in this business, for example.

Where do you install artificial turf for residential or commercial applications?

Just about everywhere in the Puget Sound Region, including cities such as artificial turf in Redmond, Mukilteo, Woodinville, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Leschi, Newcastle, Sammamish, Issaquah, Edmonds, and of course artificial grass in Seattle. We will also travel to the South End; Tacoma, Puyallup, Maple Valley, Auburn, Lakewood, as well as San Juan Islands, Bainbridge Island.

What about used turf, I want to save money, do you carry that?

Used artificial turf is not something we would ever use and we do not recommend its use for anything. Used turf is likely to be full of rubber bits, has taken a pounding, is worn out (or it would not be being replaced), has been stretched and will never be able to be shaped properly and ……… well, it’s icky. Full of germs and bacteria from athletes falling & bleeding, spitting, sliding, scabs falling off and pus. TMI? Yuck.

How about end rolls and remnants from the factory? Those must surely be a bargain!

End rolls and end cuts are sometimes discounted and are perfect for your DIY projects. We would be highly suspicious of any “deals” or “specials” you may run across during your research. Chances are very good that what is actually being offered are ‘seconds’ or ‘irregulars’ and funny-looking colors, weird or uneven heights, poor backing, or strange combinations of tuft lengths–and this is only a sampling of what is out there for individuals. By the time you pay retail, pay for shipping (there are no textile mills located in the State of Washington) and have it installed by your landscaper or general helper, you will likely have paid what an experienced pro would have charged you to begin with, and undoubtedly with disastrous results.

I asked my landscaper about installing artificial grass to replace my lawn and s/he said s/he could do this, will this save me money? Won't a specialist cost more?

No. For emphasis, we’ll say it again: NO. We have “landscapers” and lawn-mowing service companies call us every single day asking where to buy turf and other necessary supplies, how to build a project, what to put underneath to build a proper base, how to seam turf, even how to trim it, what tools are necessary, how much to charge, and later, how to fix their mistakes. The old saying, “How is it you did not take time and money to do it right the first time, but you always come up with that time/money to do it all over,” applies here. We have replaced many synthetic turf projects that should have lasted homeowners or business owners for many more years, it makes us sad for the consumer.

I like the idea of a long warranty period, what is yours?

We have a standard, 10-year, manufacturer’s warranty. Five years on installation. We are here for you long after we installed your Artificial Grass. If you are a past client and need help, check out our Artificial Grass Care and Repair page and fill out our quick form so we can get back to you ASAP.

Do I need a licensed contractor?

Here is an actual request we received (actually we get lots of these) – do not allow yourself to be put in this position. If you do not check to be sure you have a licensed, bonded & insured contractor you could be left with horrible, visible seams, mis-matched turf, terrible trimming and more! Also potentially being sued if anyone is hurt while working and standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover this. Below is a recent quote from an email, and it’s likely this will have to be a replacement, what a terrible waste of turf(!): “I am a contractor who recently installed artificial turf at a residential home. I would like to pay for someone to come out for a consultation and look at our work and also quote me a price to redo our seams or give advice on what we should do. Again i would like to pay for the initial visit? Thanks” ~Name Withheld

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