Pro Series All Purpose Turf

One of our most popular synthetic grass turfs due to its many uses and applications. This product features a Wide Wave Shaped Yarn which helps with softness and mutes direct sunlight light, quad flow drainage for superior flow through, and muted color dye for more natural appearance. Ideal for moderate to heavy traffic.

  • Color – Pro Natural with both brown and green thatch
  • Antimicrobial
  • Bounce back yarn design
  • 10-year warranty
Pro Series All Purpose Turf, artificial grass by Synthetic Turf Northwest
NW Pro Series All Purpose Turf
NW Pro Series All Purpose Turf
NW Pro Series All Purpose Turf

What is Pro Series Turf?

Our Pro Series Turf isn’t just artificial turf, it’s a complete residential synthetic turf system. There’s a reason why it’s so popular with our customers – it is suitable for nearly every turf project.

When you buy Pro Series Turf, you can rest assured that it will work well for whatever you need it for. Whether you need it for a lawn, a backyard golf green, a pet run or a playground, it will perform just fine. (We offer antimicrobial artificial grass for dogs and short pile turf for putting greens that are specifically designed for those applications, if you have a particular project in mind.)

Why Is Our Synthetic Turf So Popular?

Pro Series Turf has been developed to be an all-purpose turf and is suitable for a wide variety of artificial grass projects.

It features a soft texture and feel, with excellent drainage properties. These are the most important qualities you need for any artificial turf, and Pro Series Turf excels here.

So while this turf isn’t purpose-built for specific needs, it’s very good for most of your turf needs.

Residential vs Commercial Turf Applications

Synthetic Turf Northwest is proud to offer Pro Series Turf that is suitable for all applications. Our residential synthetic turf is perfect for front yards and backyards, while our commercial artificial turf makes a great addition to dog parks, golf courses, and other businesses in need of easy-to-maintain, natural looking surfaces.

Residential astroturf undergoes light to medium foot traffic, so its durability requirements aren’t quite high. Commercial artificial turf, on the other hand, is going to be used on a regular basis, with people walking or evening running over it for the most part of a day.

Therefore, commercial artificial turf needs to be highly durable to wear.

Pro Series Turf has been designed to be highly wear-resistant and is suitable for medium to high traffic areas.

So it is suitable for both residential and commercial turf applications.


Our Pro Series All-Purpose turf is a perfect replacement for natural grass in your residential lawn, playground or backyard.

No More Watering

It does not require regular watering as natural grass does, so you’ll be conserving a precious natural resource like water.

No More Muddy Feet

In rainy weather, it won’t get muddy so you can keep playing right after the rain stops.

Doesn’t Require Herbicides and Fertilizers

Because it is synthetic, weeds and other vegetation won’t grow as aggressively on it, minimizing the need for chemicals, herbicides, and fertilizers.


Pro Series Turf features a quad flow drainage system that allows water to pass right through the turf backing before it has a chance to pool up and accumulate on the surface.

Not only is this great for turf longevity, but it’s healthier and safer.

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All-Purpose Artificial Grass Product Specifications

Pile Height


Total Weight




Yarn Shape

Wave Blade


Double Polypropylene Layers

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