We are here for our customers!

To ensure we can best help you, please use this customer care page to submit a repair request for any issues you may be experiencing. If possible, include photos and as many details as you can so we may easily identify the problem and create a lasting solution.

Our Warranty: Sometimes, it’s on us.

Every completed project comes with a limited warranty on materials used and installation. Our turf material is UV color protected, resists fading and mildew and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, all installations performed by our team come with a 5 year construction warranty. Should you experience any issues directly related to a covered material defect or as a direct result of our installation, we will come out and make it right at no cost to you.

For more information, you may reach out to our team or consult your signed contract.

Sometimes, it’s out of our hands.

Accidents or damage from external forces can happen, but we’re here to help keep your turf in top notch shape if you need us. Some common factors that could impact your turf include:

  • Soil composition or burrowing rodents causing settling or sinking areas
  • Roots or erosion causing materials to shift or break
  • Reflective window glare causing heat damage
  • Hot objects placed on turf causing melted or damaged turf
  • Weed and moss growth
  • Pets or other animals causing damage to your turf

Repair costs start at $350 for the first hour and $175 for every additional half hour.

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