Like any home renovation, the cost of installing an artificial grass lawn varies widely. Expect to spend anywhere from $12 – $25 per square foot when purchasing a quality turf and installation services.

Standard synthetic turf systems generally range from $12 – $18 per square foot. Specialty custom installations, such as artificial golf greens or playground systems, range from $16 – $25 per square foot.

To understand why the range is so large, consider the two major factors that influence the cost of any artificial grass project:

Landscaping with synthetic turf in the Seattle area introduces two additional factors that have an impact on the cost.

  • First, the Puget Sound area is wet. Any artificial turf installation needs to drain well.
  • Second, like any town in the Cascade range, the Seattle area is hilly. This makes landscaping more challenging, which in turn, influences the cost of a turf installation project.

The Price Of Synthetic Turf Materials

Not all artificial grass is the same. Naturally, material choice (typically polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon), has a significant impact on the price.

While prices vary, most quality synthetic turf products retail from $4 – $7 per square foot, depending on the backing material, pile height and yarn face weight.

Polypropylene Turf: Excellent price/performance balance

At Synthetic Turf Northwest, our unique turf systems are made with a polypropylene backing and blades.

Polypropylene is inexpensive to manufacture and readily available.  (And highly recyclable!) So polypropylene turf tends to be surprisingly well-priced.

But don’t let the price fool you. For realistic, natural-looking lawns that feel fantastic and last for years, nothing beats it!

The favorable cost of polypropylene turf belies another important characteristic: polypropylene is resistant to absorbing moisture.

The Puget Sound area gets frequent, light rain. In fact, Seattle sees an average of 150 rainy days per year! So it’s important that any synthetic lawn can drain and dry quickly.

Our polypropylene turf won’t absorb water. Coupled with our quadflow drainage design, our artificial lawns drain quickly and dry fast.

Polypropylene turf is ideal for the rainy Pacific Northwest and creates stunning lawns at a reasonable price.

Cost Of Artificial Turf Installation

Landscaping with synthetic turf ranges anywhere from $8 – $18 per square foot. The cost is a combination of labor and other materials.

In addition to the turf itself, proper installation requires crushed gravel, infill sands and the edging systems that hold everything in place.

Synthetic Turf Installation Costs: Seattle

In hilly, wet places like Seattle, it makes sense to hire professionals who know how to prepare your installation site to create a natural appearance with proper drainage.

Turf material design is not enough to ensure good drainage. The way the site is prepared, from replacing the existing soil with quality materials to achieving the proper grading of the location, is essential to ensure rain drains away quickly and completely.

Synthetic Turf Installation Costs: Other Complexities

Other factors can influence the final cost of an artificial grass project.

  • Ease of access to the job site: hilly terrain, stairs, narrow access points, etc.
  • Project size & complexity
  • Add-ons
  • Specialty applications: artificial golf greens, paver pathway cutouts, rooftop patios and playgrounds


Expect to spend anywhere from $12 – $25 per square foot for a quality synthetic turf product with installation.

When it comes to the cost of installing a synthetic lawn, it’s worth hiring a professional turf installer. Professionals know to avoid the common mistakes made when installing synthetic turf.

They have the tools to do the job quickly and the experience to do it properly, without mistakes or wasted material. Working with a specialty company doesn’t mean you pay more. In many cases, it will lower your cost and improve the quality of your landscaping project.

Contact us to ask questions, discuss your ideas and get pricing for your synthetic turf project.