Artificial Grass Applications: From Patio to Rooftop 

You came here to see some inspiring artificial grass uses for turf installations, so let’s get right to it. We’ll start off on ground level with the Patio and check out 6 unique turf spaces on our way up to the Rooftop. 

Artificial Grass for Patios and Courtyards

Patios and courtyards serve as a welcoming, sometimes impressive, element of an inviting atmosphere. Often seen in office parks, buildings, hospitals and hotels, these ground-level promenades benefit greatly from artificial grass in place of concrete and bricks. Artificial grass infuses the property with that familiar, delightful aesthetic of being outdoors, even if the patio or courtyard is inside the building. It also makes for a much cleaner, hypoallergenic and quieter environment. 

Recreational Area Turf: Softer & Safer

As we step into the interior of the building, whether it’s an office building, hotel or galleria, you might find various types of recreational areas. Big or small, these unique spaces offer an opportunity to enjoy some leisure activities in the safer and softer environment that artificial turf provides – even indoors. No trekking to the park across town or worrying about the weather. 

Synthetic Turf for a Quieter Fitness Facility

The next popular feature where artificial grass is a common staple might take us up to the second or third floor. Fitness facilities, indoor walking tracks and workout spaces for Yoga and Aerobics are common in hotels, hospitals, residential buildings and some office buildings. Everyone appreciates the convenience of fitness centers in the building where they’re working or lodging, but those with hard floors tend to be hard on the feet and incredibly noisy. The solution? Synthetic Turf on the floors, of course. The artificial grass works wonders at absorbing noise and reducing echoes, not to mention a softer surface underfoot, and safer for any type of workout.

Indoor Putting Greens: Always Your Best ‘Approach’ 

Working all day without a little downtime can put you in a ‘rough’ patch. But artificial turf offers the office-bound executive a ‘fairway’ to enjoy some R&R without venturing out to the links. Indoor putting greens are becoming hugely popular as an office interior staple that’s ‘par for the course’. Artificial grass putting greens are so close to the real thing, you’d need an ‘eagle’ eye to notice the difference. And we can install custom greens to fit just about any space to a ‘tee’. Too many golf puns? Got it, we’ll put a ‘pin’ in it for now. 

Office Building Atriums: Fake Grass, Real Zen

Taking the elevator to the upper floors of the building, we might find an inviting open-concept atrium, perhaps bathed in a natural sunny glow from skylights above. Peppered with potted plants, opulent seating, water features and surfaced with soft synthetic turf, these relaxing office atriums provide all of the benefits of a de-stressing space without the mess, allergens or maintenance required of real grass. Kick off those shoes and find that perfect spot on the grass to meditate, without leaving the building!

Rooftop Garden Turf: Get Some Peace and Quiet

Here we are at the zenith, the pinnacle of our synthetic turf tour. Emerging out onto the rooftop, there is no sticky tar underfoot or gravel getting stuck in your shoes. This rooftop boasts a gorgeous green bed of artificial turf upon which to trod. It’s the perfect accent to bring together any rooftop garden or relaxation space. Because artificial grass is so resilient, even in the beaming summer sun or wet Seattle weather, you can enjoy the fresh air, sunny days and relaxing rains without the maintenance and mess of real grass and sod. 

This is where we conclude our tour highlighting exceptional artificial grass uses from surface-level patios and courtyards to rooftop gardens and gathering areas. Inspired to get started on a project of your own? Tell us about your synthetic turf project and get affordable quotes from the turf installation pros at Synthetic Turf Northwest.

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