As with any landscaping project, properly installing artificial grass takes professional skill. An improperly designed artificial lawn can cause many issues, including poor drainage, uneven surfaces, and weeds. Check out these common mistakes DIY artificial turf installers make.

Incorrect Measurements

This is one of the most critical mistakes a DIY installer can make. Incorrect measurements will throw off your entire yard. If you choose to install your artificial turf yourself, measure the installation at least twice from different sides and directions to make sure they align. However, if you consult a professional installer, they’ll be able to cover the installation area more efficiently.

Uneven or Flat Base

Similarly, an uneven base will look unattractive and unprofessional. Most homeowners want flat, smooth yards to boost their homes’ curb appeal. Bumps or wrinkles can ruin this effect. A professional installer can remove any rocks, dirt, or other objects that would cause unevenness and use a compactor to make the base layer smooth.

And while well-installed synthetic turf is flat, it requires a slight incline from the center of your yard to ensure proper drainage. A gentle slope helps water drain out the sides instead of pooling in the middle- a particularly important consideration in rainy regions like Seattle. (And one of several major reasons for hiring a professional turf installer.)

Artificial Grass Needs A Weed Protection Layer

Without a weed blocker, you may still notice natural weeds growing in your artificial lawn. To keep your yard green and smooth, you must use a weed blocker. Natural weeds growing over your artificial grass can ruin your curb appeal, and the uprooted plants can cause holes or ruin the blades. A weed membrane will prevent these issues and protect your artificial grass for a long time.

Wasting Leftover Turf

Some amateur landscapers throw away the scraps or leftover pieces of turf after they finish the installation. Hang on to these instead—in time, you’ll likely need to make minor repairs or patches in case something happens to your new artificial yard, such as inclement weather or dogs tearing it apart. Keep this in mind so that you don’t have to spend more time and resources to buy more turf.

At Synthetic Turf Northwest, we take great care to ensure you have the top-quality artificial grass for your lawn. We hire and train the best professional turf installers in Seattle. They provide you top-quality lawn care so that you won’t experience any of the common mistakes you could make when installing artificial turf on your own.

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