As winter approaches and the holidays with it, plans for landscaping upgrades may understandably be put ‘on hold’ until the spring. But with artificial grass becoming increasingly popular for commercial landscaping projects, it might be wise to get preparations underway in the meantime!

Why Wholesale Artificial Grass is the Perfect Winter Prep for Spring Turf Projects

Today we’ll show you five reasons why smart project planners buy wholesale turf products, especially during winter downtime. Just remember, not all artificial turf suppliers will offer all the products and perks covered in our list – but Synthetic Turf Northwest has them all, so make sure to check out our Wholesale Turf page for the optimal one-stop shop. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

#1) Get the highest quality turf shipped to wherever you are in the US

Like most professional turf installers, Synthetic Turf Northwest offers artificial grass installations to clients in surrounding service areas but if you live far outside their reach, you might be stuck with lesser quality turf. If you’re struggling to find top-tier turf like our Pro Series products, don’t fret – you can get it wholesale, shipped wherever you are!

#2) Artificial turf costs less when you buy wholesale

As with most products, artificial turf costs substantially less when purchased wholesale compared to retail prices. Not only can you save up to 20% or even more when buying wholesale just on turf products, but we’ll custom cut your rolls to the specific size needed so you’ll never buy more than you need. If that’s not enough savings for you, remember that you will also save by consolidating shipping because….

#3) You can get all the turf Installation materials you need in one place

One of the most frustrating (and costly) things about larger-scale projects of just about any kind is the shopping around. It’s been said that, in most cases, a project will usually take twice as long to complete, and cost triple the amount that you had planned. 

We think one of the main reasons for that is all the vendor-hopping required for most projects, bouncing around, buying one-off custom materials at retail and comparing prices, all while paying multiple shipping fees. We’ve put an end to all that madness. With Synthetic Turf Northwest, you’ll get everything you need at wholesale prices and consolidated shipping.

#4) Expert help and advice to solve common installation problems 

We understand how desirable it is to save money, get high-quality turf and have all the installation materials you need to be shipped anywhere in the country. We also understand the types of challenges and unforeseen snags encountered during turf installation – especially in large-scale projects. 

That’s why our superb service and installation expertise never stop at our full-service, local clients. We offer the same gold-standard industry expertise and customer service for wholesale buyers as we do with local full-service turf installations. We can help you choose the perfect products, the best materials and infills, and custom-tailored solutions for your specific needs. 

#5) No bad weather worries or rushing to meet project deadlines

Nothing can ruin perfectly good artificial grass more than rushing through the installation process. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently because of the high demand for commercial turf projects to be completed within a certain time frame. Add that to the hassles presented by inclement weather, and you have a recipe for error. 

We prefer to take every step carefully and ensure there is plenty of time to plan, prep and implement the installation without shortcuts or hasty handiwork. But if you’re ordering all your turf and supplies wholesale, you will enjoy the flexibility of scheduling the installation to your liking and avoiding those stormy days.