Professional Synthetic Turf Installation

It’s easy to get excited about a new turf project, whether it’s an upgrade to your lawn, a new putting green in your backyard or a new pet playground. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to get frustrated with a long wait for your synthetic turf installation. 

But there’s more than a few good reasons to wait for a professional artificial turf installer. So before you consider the do-it-yourself approach or a local contractor for a quick and dirty turf installation, make sure to gather up the inside intel on why you’ll be happy you held out.

Common Problems & Consequences of DIY Artificial Turf Installations 

Most turf installation projects, even relatively small ones, can be tricky undertakings that become even more difficult with a DIY approach. More often than not, DIY turf installations will turn out to be more troublesome than you expect at the outset. Even when the project is finished, you may find that you’ve made oversights that aren’t easily fixed. 

Before you consider installing synthetic turf yourself, consider these common setbacks, challenges and consequences of DIY turf installations.

  • Using the wrong turf for the job
  • Installing poor quality turf
  • Using little or no infill, or the wrong material for the infill
  • Miscalculating dimensions, topography and turf requirements
  • No access to the ideal tools and materials
  • Bubbles, Rips, Wrinkles, Tears and Creasing
  • Poor protection from undergrowth and weeds

Bear in mind, these are only the most common problems with DIY turf installations, yet the list of potential errors and consequences goes much further, and grows larger with the size of the project. Make sure to tell us about your project before you decide to take it on yourself, as we can offer expert advice on any synthetic turf installation project.

Benefits of Professional Synthetic Turf Installation vs DIY & Contractors 

Aside from the fact that you enjoy a hassle-free, fast and efficient artificial turf installation when you hire a professional installer, there are numerous additional benefits over DIY…Benefits worth waiting for.

  • Professional installers have the experience, tools, materials, expertise and crew to ensure a speedy, efficient and high-quality installation
  • Synthetic Turf Northwest uses only the highest quality materials – most importantly our high-quality synthetic turf.
  • With a professional installation, you’ll get exactly the right turf for your project, no guesswork or shopping around.
  • Professional turf installers know the crucial importance of a polished, clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your landscape, whether it’s a putting green or an expansive sporting field. 
  • Turf installations done by a professional team will ensure that your turf is custom-tailored to the location. Our pros are capable of swiftly adapting to unexpected challenges mid-project.

In addition to these benefits, Synthetic Turf Northwest’s professional installers are licensed and insured. Furthermore, we provide a warranty on our turf installation services, in addition to any warranties from the turf manufacturer. 

Consider Turf Installation Delays an Opportunity for Extra Prep and Planning 

Our professional installers will tell you that the best projects with the best outcomes are those that had the most thorough planning and preparation time. So if you find yourself waiting longer than expected for your turf installation services, consider that extra time as an opportunity for more planning. 

We understand that turf applications and projects vary widely, but we can impart a few general planning and preparation ideas that could turn idle time into silver linings.

  • Gather great videos and photos of your installation location

If your turf installation is delayed, use some of the extra time to get more pictures and video of your installation location. You can also capture images of the location in various weather conditions, day vs night photos and general lighting changes so that project planners and installers can envision the space taking more variables into account.

  • Consider additional areas for putting down synthetic turf

Even if you’ve already scheduled artificial turf installation for a specific space, you may want to consider additional applications, or putting down turf in other areas you hadn’t planned on previously. Take some time browsing our synthetic lawn installations photo gallery and consider planning an expanded project while you wait.

  • Read and learn more about synthetic turf and potential applications

Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular with new and improved applications and turf technologies. With so much to learn and new turf application ideas springing up just about every other day, it’s absolutely essential to familiarize yourself with your new and improved landscape. Make sure to read through the Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guide while you have time prior to installation.


Reach Out to the Pros at Synthetic Turf Northwest 

The absolute best thing you can do to ensure installation services get underway promptly is to schedule your turf installation project right away. We’ll give you a free estimate and get your project scheduled, plus answer any questions or concerns you might have.

If you’re shopping for artificial grass in bulk, make sure to visit our Wholesale Turf page, or give us a call at 425-788-0718 to get more answers, information and solutions.