Putting greens are an attractive backyard feature that many homeowners desire. They provide a place to practice your golf game and can be used for other backyard activities like bocce ball or croquet. However, the costs of backyard putting greens can vary greatly depending on what type of turf you want to install, the unique design features you incorporate and what company you purchase it from.

Whether you’re looking for artificial turf for your backyard or are looking to build your own training oasis, this article has all the information you need about what to expect from a backyard putting green cost!

Type of backyard putting green

When it comes to projections about the cost of your backyard putting green, there’s more to consider than just how you want your project to look. That’s because while these visual elements dictate what is visible, other parts of the process will have an effect on its total estimated cost. Plus, the hilly terrain and rainy weather common to much of Puget Sound add some unique factors that influence how much artificial grass installation costs in the Seattle area.

The type of turf you choose will dictate the cost too. There are three main types to consider: artificial putting greens, sand-filled layouts, and natural grass. If you’re more interested in a softer surface or something unique that others don’t have, then an artificial putting green might be right for your needs! But if you want versatility from your backyard course or a golfing experience close to what pros play on, then a sand-filled backyard putting green might be the best choice.

If you’re looking to save time on installation days, consider an artificial putting green as it can usually only take about six hours instead of one week for natural grass greens as most people already know from experience with trying natural grass. Plus, there is no watering necessary – some of the putting greens are even made to be easily removable/foldable. Just fold your mat down after use and store it until next year! This makes this type of putting green perfect if you don’t want any upkeep once installed. Regular putting greens already don’t require much maintenance.

Backyard putting green size

Putting green size is a key factor in backyard putting green cost. The more square footage of land you have, the larger your backyard putting green can be, and thus the lower its price will be per sqft.

If you don’t have enough space for a real-size putting green as can be seen on big golf tournaments, then there are other options available to make it workable on smaller areas such as 16×16 or 15×15 ft.

These sizes still offer a lot of versatility for practicing in your backyard. When figuring out the cost of backyard putting green, you will need to take into account the backyard green’s square footage, then determine the total cost of all landscaping required.


Although putting greens are easily maintained, and can be installed almost anywhere, given that there’s no extreme slope, the installation requires some preparation. Depending on your backyard landscape, this preparation can take less time than drinking a cup of coffee or more than a day.

When considering the installation of an artificial putting green, ensure you have taken into account a number of factors.

Tiered greens are best suited for lush and dry ground, while graduated greens are designed with slopes and undulations to mimic natural turf-based courses. Drainage cannot be overlooked as it is important to install your course over compacted class 1 or 2 permeable base rock to provide a stable foundation upon which all other aspects of durability can rely.

It is essential that before beginning construction you clear weeds and organic material from the site in preparation for the laying down of the rubber (or sand) infill granules layer.

The more stuff you have to do before installation can even begin, the higher the cost, and if you value your personal free time, then count that in as well.

Benefits of installing artificial putting greens in combination with other synthetic grass products

The benefits of an artificial turf putting green are numerous. For starters, backyard green putting can save you money when it comes to the cost of a backyard project. It is comparatively inexpensive and easy. If you are already redesigning and landscaping your backyard, consider having a dedicated putting green patch.

These products regularly outlive any other traditional soft outdoor surface exposed to foot traffic. The grass on the greens is very durable which means they wear down slower and provide more years of use without needing replacement; you’ll be able to maintain an enjoyable playing experience year after year. It also creates a beautiful space in your garden that everyone can enjoy at their own convenience – perfect for backyard games and gatherings.

Putting greens are great because you can enjoy them in the wintertime too! You’ll never have to worry about frost or snow ruining your playing experience with an outdoor green putting surface. Plus, backyard greens come in many different styles and types so it’s easy to find one that fits any backyard style; whether modern or traditional.

Installation of a backyard green is something anyone with DIY skills should be able to do themselves but if not there are plenty of companies offering backyard putting green installation. It pays off long-term though as having a professional installation ensures superior results every time, which means less maintenance down the road. Overall, artificial putting greens offer several advantages.

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