Golf is one of the most calming independent sports anyone can do. All it takes to become a great golfer is practice, technique, and patience. However, there is another important part of golf to consider: where you play. Many golfers opt to play at private golf clubs, while others may pay to use a community course. Still, some find that an artificial golf green on their property is exactly what they need to improve their game. In fact, any golfer should consider the main benefits of artificial golf greens to practice their swing and boost their curb appeal in the process.

Improve Your Performance

One of the best reasons to install artificial golf greens is because they will improve your performance. Naturally, artificial grass is the same material used in golf clubs and golf courses, so you’ll practice on the same materials as experienced and professional golfers. Not to mention, if you install it in your backyard, you can putt for as long as you like. Depending on your turf area’s length, you can practice your shots with different clubs or swings without external stressors—like other golfers—getting in your way.

Low Maintenance

Additionally, artificial golf greens are minimal maintenance. Like any form of artificial grass, there is no need to cut, water, or treat artificial golf greens. There are still maintenance tips to consider, such as sweeping or spraying the blades every so often to keep them polished and preserve their quality, but this is almost nothing compared to natural grass. Unlike natural grass, you don’t have to fertilize, regularly weed, mow the artificial blades.

It’s Durable

Similarly, artificial golf greens are extremely durable. Wherever you live, these greens can withstand inclement weather and near extreme temperatures. The blades dry quickly and are porous so that water doesn’t puddle or pool. This way, you have ideal playing conditions, even shortly after a heavy storm.

It’s Attractive

Lastly, many homeowners find an artificial golf course extremely attractive. It’s a simple and creative way to boost your curb appeal. Many potential homeowners like the opportunity that a curbside or backyard golf green offers. Additionally, it’s a clever way to make dead or dying landscape alive again. Since artificial blades have a long service life before they lose their quality, your yard will look great for many years to come. Thinking long-term, the cost of an artificial putting green might be well within reach.

For the best artificial golf green, look no further than Synthetic Turf Northwest. Our Pro Series Putt Turf is perfect for commercial or residential properties. It’s antimicrobial and features a natural grass color. Whether you’re a novice or experienced golfer, you’ll find that our golf green acts and feels as if you were on a club or PGA course.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have—we’re happy to find the right artificial grass for you.