With new trends always popping up on the market, it can be difficult to know which item is truly best. This is true for any industry, from commercial retail to home improvement to landscaping and lawn care. One trend increasing in popularity is synthetic or artificial turf. This has raised many misconceptions about synthetic turf that homeowners must read up on to clear up any confusion.

It’s Ugly

First, property value is extremely important to homeowners and homebuyers. Many people associate artificial grass with poor aesthetics, but artificial turf can actually make lawns more pleasing than ugly. That’s because it’s the perfect solution for hot, arid climates. Homes with dirt patches or dead lawns can install artificial grass to have a green yard all year.

It’s Bad for Animals

This misconception stems from cats’ and dogs’ love for grass—natural and artificial. Dogs love to roll around and play in the blades just like natural grass, and cats enjoy the feel and texture on their paws. Given the mess-free drainage that artificial grass provides, it’s easy to clean up after your pets after you let them outside.

It’s Expensive

It’s important to further explain this misconception. Artificial turf may be more expensive to install than sod. Nonetheless, when you consider the expenses for lawn installation, maintenance, and landscaping, artificial grass is actually cheaper than natural grass in long-term coverage. Natural grass requires constant mowing, watering, fertilizers, and natural plants to keep it lively.

It’s Messy

As we previously mentioned, artificial grass is incredibly easy to clean up. Most artificial grass options come with a mesh drainage liner for liquids to flow through. Rain, snow, or pet urine will not damage the blades. Similarly, solid objects are easy to identify—due to the low blade length, you can pick up any solid waste, toys, or other debris in record time.

It’s Boring

Lastly, some people think artificial grass is boring. Some homeowners like to maintain their natural grass with fertilizers, mulch, and mowing. Although synthetic turf doesn’t require this, it’s still extremely versatile. One of the most notable lawn alternatives is to transform it into a golf green. You can have a backyard putting green with artificial blades just like on a golf course. Additionally, you can still plant trees or flowerbeds within it. Just install a tree or flower bed section with irrigation capability to supply it with water.

Now that we’ve debunked those popular misconceptions about synthetic turf, call us at Synthetic Turf Northwest for your residential or commercial turf installation. Our award-winning service is the perfect solution to your artificial lawn care needs. Check out some of our previous work, and then call us for your initial consultation.