Artificial or synthetic turf is a natural grass alternative used for athletic and yard purposes. Athletes and homeowners can opt for synthetic fibers to ensure a rich, green, even field. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf requires no maintenance, irrigation, or other upkeep. Still, given its widespread usage, it’s important to know how synthetic grass came to be. This brief history of synthetic turf will explain how scientists came up with the idea, how it achieved popularity among athletic organizations, and how it became the popular landscaping material it is today.

The Origins of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf, also commonly referred to as synthetic grass, artificial turf, or artificial grass, originated in 1960 with researchers from North Carolina State University. They purposed it as an alternative for indoor baseball fields. Four years later at the Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, artificial turf made its first mainstream athletic appearance. Then, in 1966, the Astrodome in Houston, TX, installed it throughout the stadium. By the 1970s, artificial turf became widespread across fields, stadiums, and other indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Its popularity over natural grass grew because of reduced maintenance costs, use in colder and arid climates, multipurpose functionality, and design customization. Schools, universities, and professional teams could use colored turf to showcase their team logo. Also, multipurpose stadiums allow for different sports teams to play on that turf without issue. Today, more than 11,000 playing fields have artificial turf for baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, rugby, tennis, and golf. Not to mention, many residential and nonathletic commercial properties use synthetic grass as a low-maintenance, cost-effective yard alternative. It’s an ideal alternative for arid or other extreme climates where having a healthy lawn requires chemical treatments, professional landscapers, and an abundance of water.

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