The very last thing we want to do is use a harmful product around our pets. That is why we carry a special line of pet-friendly synthetic turf. This line was manufactured specifically with your pet in mind.

NW Pro Pet is our go-to for pet-friendly artificial turf installation. Although all of our pet turf is pet-, as well as kid-friendly, this specific turf features a short blade height of just over 1”. The shorter turf blades make it much easier when you are picking up after your furry friend. The blades are also more tight and compact, so piles will simply sit on top, rather than settle down into the turf. We also know that there is a huge concern with bacteria and synthetic grass, in the areas that your pet will use. Rest assured that our NW Pro Pet line is manufactured with antimicrobial material, making it the perfect product for your 4-legged friends. Antimicrobial means it is a 100% non-porous material, so germs will not attach.



When the weather starts to warm up, you will need to keep your pets paws in mind when they use the grass. On days that are expected to be really hot, we suggest hosing off your turf with water prior to your pet using the turf. This will help keep their paws cool, as the blades will absorb the sunshine. ​If you are unsure if the turf is too hot for them, take the back of your hand and place it on the turf. If it is hot to your touch, it will be too hot for their paws.


Synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance however, when you have animals that frequent the turf, we suggest these simple methods for cleaning and maintaining the life of your turf.

 Picking up after your animal on a regular basis will help extend the life of your turf.

 Don’t be afraid to rinse your turf. Your turf is tough and can handle it. We advise you to not use a high-powered pressure hose, as that will displace the infill that was applied.

 If you have a hard-to-clean area, apply your favorite non-toxic cleaner and use a scrub brush. This will loosen the debris and will be easier to go down the drainage system.

With regular maintenance and light cleaning, the life of your pet-friendly turf will last many years. Take a look at some of our happy furry customers using their pet friendly turf.