Lawns are tricky. Natural grass needs to be mowed, weeded, fertilized, and mulched just to stay refreshing and healthy.

That’s why many homeowners turn to artificial turf as a low-maintenance alternative. Even so, you may need some maintenance tips for your synthetic turf to keep it clean and upright.

Tend to Your Synthetic Turf As Needed

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance lawn solution when compared to natural grass. Unlike real grass, artificial grass requires no mowing, no chemical treatments, and little weeding. More so, this means upkeep is more sporadic. Natural grass requires attention every week or every other week, but you can tend to synthetic turf every three months. With children and pets, you’ll want to treat it more frequently than that, but even once a month is far less than once a week, thus saving you time and money.

Remove Pet Waste From Turf Immediately

Ideally for pet care, you want your turf up to the Pro Series Pet Turf quality standards.

The best pet turf, especially if you have multiple pets, should have these features:

  • Non-absorbent fibers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Permeable backing for optimal drainage
  • Easy to clean, brush and rinse
  • Springy, bounce-back turf

You should always remove pet waste from your artificial lawn immediately to avoid bacteria growth. Pet waste, along with other dirt and debris, can collect on the turf blades, making them unappealing and grimy. Soon, you’ll see why it’s important to clean messes and pileups whenever possible. The stench and sight of feces and other waste should prompt any homeowner to clean such messes up right away. Urine can also make the turf odorous and unattractive. Therefore, clean these messes as soon as possible for continual artificial grass upkeep.

Brush and Rinse Artificial Turf Regularly

Lastly, one of the most useful maintenance tips for your synthetic turf in any yard is brushing and rinsing regularly. Brushing or raking the blades keeps them upright. Over time, the blades can bend or warp, but a stiff brush or rake will make them perky and natural-looking again. Similarly, rinse off the blades frequently. Power-washing your synthetic turf removes dirt and debris along with related odors. A mild detergent can help even further. Consider mineral spirits for heavy stains, too.

With this advice, you’re going to have perfect artificial grass in your yard. At Synthetic Turf Northwest, we’re experts in artificial grass installation and repair. You can rely on our professional artificial turf installers for natural, child- and pet-friendly synthetic turf for your residence or commercial lawn. With our award-winning service, we listen to our customers’ concerns and make them our priorities. If you’re curious how artificial grass can help your lawn, call us today.