You can find playgrounds all over—at schools, public parks, day care centers, and neighborhoods. These play areas are designed as safe areas for children to run, jump, scream, and have fun using a variety of equipment, such as seesaws, swing sets, slides, jungle gyms, chin-up bars, sandboxes, playhouses, and mazes. Play parks tend to use soft undercoats made from wood chips, rubber, or sand as a protective and insulated construction material. However, artificial grass is another material developers should consider. Here are some of the advantages of synthetic grass for playgrounds, which attract visitors while promoting a safe, fun environment.

It’s Durable

Playgrounds are hot spots for various activities. Whether it’s a fun get-together between friends, a mom’s group meet-up, or a birthday party, these areas constantly see high foot traffic. Therefore, they need a long-lasting, tough material to withstand this attention. Synthetic grass is that material. Unlike woodchips, sand, or rubber, artificial grass is soft, protecting children from scrapes and other injuries. There’s little risk for harm when children run and play. It also resists weather elements.

Easy to Clean

Another advantage of synthetic grass for playgrounds is that it’s easy to clean. As other playground materials collect dirt and debris, they become cesspools for bacteria. In turn, children could get sick or risk infections if injured. Synthetic turf, contrarily, is easy to maintain with just natural soap and warm water. No chemical treatments are needed. Rain doesn’t create mud puddles, nor does animal waste become an issue, as solids are easy to identify. Even liquid waste filters through the mesh wiring underneath into the ground. You can simply spray the artificial grass with the natural water-soap combo, and it’s clean.


Finally, synthetic turf is a cost-efficient option with few additional maintenance costs. Playground developers simply need to pay an overhead installation cost. Afterwards, there’s little to modify or maintain. Natural grass often requires constant professional landscape treatment, sodding, or chemical treatments, but synthetic grass requires none of this.

Whether it’s for public playgrounds, schools, day cares, public parks, dog parks, or outdoor sports fields, synthetic grass is the perfect option for saving money with a long-lasting material. We at Synthetic Turf Northwest understand this and make it our mission to be the best synthetic grass installer around. We proudly serve USA-made synthetic turf for various residential and commercial services. View our product selection and call us for an estimated quote.

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