Many municipality workers are seeing the advantages of using artificial grass for their dog parks rather than natural terrain. In particular, there are many benefits of pet-friendly synthetic turf that are good for both the dogs and their owners. This includes fewer insects, less dirt, and easier maintenance than traditional parks.

No Bugs

One of the main downsides to natural dog parks is that fleas and other bugs can hide in the grass. However, the mesh backing of synthetic grass covers the dirt, which prohibits bugs from entering. Also, since bugs can’t eat the artificial grass, they’ll have to travel elsewhere to find other food sources. Owners and dogs will feel comfortable and secure knowing they have a significantly smaller chance of bringing ticks or fleas into their homes.

Less Germs

Importantly, artificial grass blades are germ-resistant. This is crucial for keeping dogs and humans healthy and happy. Manufacturers treat the blades with an antibacterial coating, which prohibits germs from breeding. Not to mention, the silica sand fill retains waste in a single spot, stopping germs from spreading.

Easy Maintenance

Park workers and owners will notice that cleaning up a park with synthetic turf is significantly easier. Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing or treating, greatly reducing maintenance. Debris may still affect the area, but it’s easy to clean. Additionally, trash and waste are easy to spot, and waste disposal is easier to implement. For urine or other liquid waste, spraying the area with a water-cleanser solution will make the area good as new.

It Feels Natural

The most important aspect of artificial turf is that the dogs simply like it. The nylon and polyurethane blades look and feel like natural grass to dogs and humans, and its texture resembles the natural terrain found in backyards. With the natural feel and look, dogs can run, jump, and roll around without tracking mud or insects.

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