Artificial grass is changing how homeowners in sunny and hot areas can maintain a beautiful green yard without overspending on fertilizers, professional services, and constant upkeep. With artificial grass, homeowners avoid all those tasks and still have a beautiful, green lawn for their children and pets to play on. However, not every type of artificial grass is the same. It’s important to know the different types of artificial grass for your yard before installing the wrong one for your home.


Polyethylene is the most premium option available. It offers the most natural texture and look compared to natural grass. Not to mention, it is significantly more durable and can withstand heat and long wear than nylon or polypropylene grasses. Unlike nylon, polyethylene is non-porous, which means it will not retain odors or waste from animals. Homeowners love this type of artificial grass because it holds and feels like the most like natural grass and can take the wear and tear of a busy lawn more than the other artificial grass options. You should routinely rake the blades to maintain their stiffness and clear away debris.


Nylon grass is arguably the strongest type available. It can withstand heavyweight and intense weather and still maintain its original shape. It’s the best option for hot climates, as it won’t deteriorate or weaken from sun damage. Still, nylon grass is often costly and stiff which makes it uncomfortable for yards. People typically use it for athletic fields or golf greens. However, nylon is still a great option for homeowners living in hot, sunny climates that want to maintain the look of their original yard. Consider using nylon grass along with polyethylene grass for a highly durable, strong yard.


The last type of artificial grass available is polypropylene. It is the most cost-efficient, but weakest, option for homeowners. Adults, children, and animals who play on it can do serious damage as this grass cannot hold its shape well. Heat exposure can damage the integrity of the grass as well given its low melting point. Since its weak durability makes for a poor play area, this type of artificial grass is best for those looking to achieve aesthetic beauty rather than a stronghold. It is also ideal for smaller spaces away from intense heat exposure.

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