People today are busier than ever before. They don’t have the time to dedicate to maintaining a beautiful yard and home like their parents and their parents before them. This is why so many are choosing to switch to using synthetic grass on their lawns. By doing so, they get to have the natural beauty that comes with the lush greenery of a lawn without all the excess work.

But you may be surprised to learn that there is more to plastic grass than what meets the eye. It is not the same as the old dark green, spiky plastic turfs of the last century. When it comes to artificial turf, today’s stuff is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen.

Modern Synthetic Turf Is Not Like Carpet

Many people think that they can simply buy a piece of artificial grass and roll it out on their lawn like a carpet. While you can do that, if you want to get a really natural look, you need to have more preparation of the land. This is why it’s best to use professional turf installers to do the job right. Consider what must be done.

First, the ground needs to be excavated, usually to a depth of about 5 inches. At the base, a system of pipes is laid in to provide drainage for rainfall. This will keep the water from pooling up and will prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth; all of which could cause health problems for your household.

Next, a mixture of crushed rock and aggregate are laid out to create a base layer to cover the drainage area. When laid out correctly, this material creates a solid but water-permeable barrier that will provide stability for the grass keeping it from slipping out of place.

Then a layer of sand or crumbled rubber is laid across the top. This adds even more stability to the artificial grass, ensuring that each blade will remain intact even in inclement weather or in spite of heavy foot traffic.

Finally, the grass is rolled out and put into place. There is a lot more involved in laying artificial turf than just rolling it out. If you really want it to look and act like real natural grass it just makes sense to have it professionally involved. Yes, it will cost more money than laying out a layer of real grass but you won’t have to deal with the years of work natural grass needs to keep its beautiful look.

How to Buy Synthetic Grass

When you are ready to buy artificial grass, it is necessary for you to look at the type of turf you have. There are many different types of synthetic options to choose from but they are not all of high quality. Some are designed to look best in areas that don’t get much sun and others may be designed for better use in direct sunlight.

It is a good idea to come equipped with a few photos of the area you want to use the grass in and a little background for where you want to use it. This will help the salesperson to know exactly which types of synthetic grasses will fit your property the best.

It is important to understand that even though buying artificial turf can save you time and money in many ways, if you want to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it, there is always some maintenance required. You will still need to clear leaves and other debris from the lawn and you will have to occasionally give the leaves a brush every now and then. This is because as more foot traffic crosses it, the leaves will pack down from the pressure, losing its original look. Natural grass has an automatic spring to it but artificial turf does not. So when you see it beginning to get that packed appearance, it is important for you to take a brush to it and fluff it up a bit. This will make your turf last longer and still keep its new look for years.

Getting artificial grass is not the same old grass your grandparents used to have. Today’s new look is almost like getting the real deal without all the real hassles. You just need to know what it takes to make your lawn really look that good.