Many people know synthetic turf for its outstanding greenery, pet-friendly blades, and low maintenance. Still, every artificial grass owner must know about the components that provide these benefits. For example, many people don’t realize the base, or what goes under the grass, is equally important as the blades themselves. For those who don’t know, here’s what can go under artificial turf to make it a great lawn alternative.

Geotextile Paper/Mesh Weed Barrier

These are mesh membranes designed to stop weeds from germinating in the turf. Keep the weed fabric at least 100mm thick, overlapping with the stone-crushed material mixture for the best protection.

Crushed Aggregate/Gravel

Gravel is used to create a permeable compact rock base to create the drainage field. For lawn turf installation, ⅝ minus is used while ⅜” minus is used for putting green installs. For both types of applications, the gravel is compacted every couple of inches which creates the stable and fast draining foundation.

Other products –

Foam padding, drainage tiles In addition to the other items mentioned above, there are specialty items that can be under the turf. Foam padding can be utilized for playgrounds and surfaces where kids play to provide additional fall protection against serious injuries. For special projects that are not on a traditional soil base, such as rooftops or concrete patios, drainage tiles can go under the turf to provide adequate drainage.

We at Synthetic Turf Northwest will use the best base for your artificial turf. As professional artificial grass installers, we know the importance of artificial grass done right. Our award-winning service and customer satisfaction prove our loyalty to the craft and to you. Whether you’re installing a backyard golf green, commercial lawn, or residential patch, call us today for your artificial grass needs.