Artificial grass is an increasingly popular lawn option for homeowners today. With many color options and innovative design, it’s designed for long-lasting yard coverage suitable for any climate. Still, like anything else, artificial grass can damage and lose its integrity. It’s important to know the signs you need to replace your artificial grass to avoid these issues and keep your yard looking fresh and vibrant.


Although artificial grass is a sturdy and resilient lawn material, it can get damaged. Under normal circumstances, artificial lawns last for many years. However, accidents and situations happen that damage the integrity of the turf. Fires, inclement weather, and damage to the seams can ruin the artificial grass. Once part of your grass melts or chars, there’s no way to fix it other than replacement. This may require you to replace the grass entirely given the difficulty with matching colors and seams.

Faded Colors

Of course, artificial grass comes in many different shades to mimic the look of natural grass. However, as with many dyed products, constant exposure to sunlight and weather can fade the color from the blades. Notably, artificial grass uses built-in UV ray blockers to protect against sunlight, but continual wear and tear can wilt the blades and ruin their quality.

Loose Inlays

Artificial turf is installed through seams and inlays to secure it. The adhesive material used to hold the seams and inlays in place can weaken too. This can create a safety hazard to anyone outside, especially children, as they can trip and fall. Once you notice your seams start to rip or break, replace it.

Stains and Odors

Additionally, artificial grass is notably resilient to pets and human activity. In fact, it’s common knowledge that dogs love it. Dog owners can clean messes easily and efficiently. However, this is only when owners clean up after their dogs. Since artificial grass has no microbes to break down organic matter, waste remains. This is detrimental to your yard as stains, mold, and bad odors can develop, requiring you to replace it completely.

Before Moving

Lastly, a brand-new lawn will increase the curb appeal of a newly listed home. Depending on where you live, some homebuyers may wish for a natural yard whereas others may be satisfied with the artificial yard. Regardless, if you’re going to sell your home, you want to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing for any interested homebuyer. Replacing your old artificial grass will do that.

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