Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly mowed grass? There is something truly soothing about being in beautiful surroundings with lush greenery all around you. Whether you’re spending an afternoon with family, just lounging and soaking in some sun, or spending a night stargazing, being in a beautifully manicured lawn can be the ultimate way of relaxing.

There is no question that a properly cared for lawn can be environmentally relaxing, and spending time in one is the perfect way to refresh one’s spirit. However, it can also be the cause of losing many hours of labor, can be expensive, and an overall nightmare to keep it in pristine conditions.

Environmental Drawbacks

It may surprise many to realize to learn that at times maintaining a natural lawn can turn out to be a hazard to the environment. You’ve heard them before, it usually starts early on a weekend morning, people rising with the sun in the summertime to beat the heat and firing up their gas powered lawn mowers that whine away, creating lots of air and noise pollution.

Statistics now show that lawn mowers create 11 times more pollution in the air per hour than a car. This is mainly because cars have had to meet many environmental regulations to keep within EPA standards, but lawn mowers and leaf blowers do not. Add to that, the constant and invasive noise pollution they generate on a regular basis.

Consider the Alternatives

In light of these problems, many have come to realize that using synthetic grass as an alternative can actually overcome much of those environmental issues. This is not like having a giant plastic plant that looks artificial sitting in your home. Today, options actually look like the real thing but without all the extra work.

It can be laid down just like you would lay out a carpet or a rug but is durable enough to be hosed down when it needs to be cleaned. And even though they are more expensive in the beginning, the minimal amount of time and money it needs to maintain them will save you enough money over time that it could easily pay for itself in just a few years. After that, you have a perfectly manicured yard that will last you for many more years.

What You Should Know

Putting in artificial grass is not as easy as laying a rug down in the floor. In order for you to get the natural aesthetic, a lot of preparation must be done first. Professionally installed grasses need to first have the existing grass removed and to put down a layer of sand beforehand. Then they will lay out a layer of gravel before they lay the actual grass on top. This is so that when it rains, the water will drain right through into the ground without pooling up on the surface, giving it a very natural appearance.

Once your grass is laid out, it will look exactly like a real lawn without all the work involved.

Today, you can get a fake lawn that looks and feels like many sorts of natural grasses. So, if you want Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, or St. Augustine, artificial turf comes in all kinds. If you don’t tell your friends and family, it is not likely that anyone will know the difference. It can even be made to feel just like the real deal.

So, if you are one of those who really loves the natural beauty of real grass but not one that knows how to make it happen, then artificial turf may just be your answer. Whether you choose to tell the world about your choice or not, it is entirely up to you. It is possible that everyone will really enjoy and want to make the most out of the beautifully landscaped environment you picked for yourself.

There are many reasons why people may choose to use artificial turf. It creates a safe place for children to pay, it is beautiful and natural looking, and if you like golf, it makes a perfect spot for synthetic grass for golf putting.

Today more and more people lead busy lives and have no time to maintain natural beauty for themselves. Now, they can have it all without all the extra work and money and still enjoy the perfect outdoor environment that soothes our soul and protect the environment at the same time.